Wakeup Call

Journal Entry 1

Tuesday, September —, 20~~

Mr. Fennyman has been murdered, no doubt by an assailant looking to affect me in some unforeseen manner. After an investigation at the police building, which included an identification of the body, a most gruesome and unwholesome sight as his throat had been torn out, I concluded that the death had most certainly been one committed by an ambitious and overly zealous member of the shadows. I traveled to Mr. Fennyman’s house to find quite a surprise; four other vampyres, none of whom seemed to have much to do with the poor man’s death. Here is a quick account of them.

Varian; clearly the leader, at least by the short assessment I was given. Broad, tall, imposing, violent, and believing himself to be of high society, it took almost no time for me to ascertain that Mr. Varian looks only for wealth, and finds it in all things. People are assets to be used until emptied; a sentiment I can associate with. Although probably the most dangerous, Mr. Varian is the easiest to manipulate, as his desires are kept upon his brow like a crown.

G. Harran; clearly believes himself to be the leader. Nosferatu. Oblivious to the machinations around him, making him the perfect one to befriend. Comes from nobility from an ancient time; lack of current world knowledge, politics, and nuance makes control overtly simplistic. Angering would undoubtedly cause a permanent grudge: tread carefully, however (illegible).

Wyatt Dodge; hired specialist, from initial assessment. Quiet and opinionated, though he may hold more knowledge and cunning than initially given off. One of two vampyres that seemed unusually withdrawn to me. Means of control: unknown.

Erik; hired muscle. Nosferatu. Similarly quiet, though opinions seem of a higher morality and spoken only when contradicted. Appears religious, making it unlikely he is cunning or scheming. Means of control: divinity?

After meeting the vampyres, we investigated Mr. Fennyman’s death, leading us to the Crones. Gathered information on Crone society and history; blood magic suggests likelihood of involvment, however the cryptic note of “we are watching” fits more with Invictus. (illegible notes and symbols for several sentences.) Agreed to join Crones. (illegible notes for several sentences.)

Harran invited me to a party tomorrow night. Seems wise to attend and attune myself to my new… ‘friends.’


Auds huntedbuddha

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