Character Creation

Specifics for character creation:

Your character has been in torpor since at least 1935. You may be as old as you wish, you can have torpored several times before then, but at least your latest bout lasted from pre-1935 til the present. While technically the rules say that you lose one blood potency for every 25 years spent in torpor, if you wish for your character to have higher than one blood potency and have been in torpor for centuries, we can make that work. We will be assuming that your characters had much higher blood potency before they were in torpor, however.

You have 85 xp. You may drop your humanity to 6 for 5 extra xp, or to 5 for 10 extra xp.

Feel free to spend your xp as you would like. Merits like resources, haven, contacts etc. won’t necessarily be immediately available (due to the circumstances) but you will have time to get in contact with old friends or set up new alliances (and so on), so you won’t have wasted any points.

Similarly, if you wish to be from a time before computers, firearms, etc, you may still put points in these skills. They’ll represent your ability to learn changing technologies appropriate to your actual time period, and as such help you out in the modern world by applying similar learning skills.

You all get a free language because someone will be teaching you English if you don’t know it during the first session.

It’ll be important that your character has goals, both big and small, to work towards. While many of these will develop for you while playing, thinking about the types of things your character is likely to want to accomplish will be a good start. Read up on XP Awards for more info on goals.

Character Creation

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