XP Awards

To give you guys a chance to get the (likely expensive) character advancements you really want, I’ll be supplanting regular xp gain with bonus xp for completing character and campaign goals.

How this will work is that you will come up with a list of goals for your character. These should range from the small and short-term (find a place to live) to long-term, possibly life-changing goals (become prince of the city). Meanwhile, I will be coming up with a secret list of generic plot-based goals that I think you might achieve.

For each of these goals, I will assign a hidden xp reward based on how difficult of a task the goal involves. When you complete a personal goal, you will receive that xp reward. When you complete a plot goal the participants involved will split the reward.

Keep in mind that all goals, including campaign ones, can be changed to reflect things that are actually happening and any growth your character may experience. Feel free to change any and all of your goals as you wish.

XP Awards

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